Master Key Experience Week 2 – Whole New World

One of the strengths which I have is, I am extremely smart. Being smart given me the ability to reason, be analytical, and think through almost any situation. It has also blessed me with learning & comprehension abilities quickly & ease. (BTW, my colour code is White).  I can even answer “Why manhole covers are round?” (If you want to know the answer, Click Here to watch a short video)  

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In the past years, I have learned a lot about the operation of the mind. I have gone through a lot of courses, books, and CDs on this subject. (ie. The Secret, Think & Grow Rich, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and etc.). My brain is filled with a lot of knowledge, facts, and technique which has resulted in me being in a state of paralysis.  Now, I am overly complicated. Why is that? I am way too smart, resulting in me constantly second-guessing myself. 

Given that I realize that “I’m too smart for my own good”. I try to find a solution to dumb myself down, which doesn’t work (ie. be more simplistic). Why? I’m too smart to be dumb. I’m trapped in a vicious circle.  Argghhh!!!!

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This week, Haanel’s Lesson 2(Click Here to listen to the lesson) & this week’s exercise has totally blown my mind!!!   Upon understanding Lesson 2, I start to see all of the courses, books, and CDs which I have done were jigsaw puzzle pieces to the ultimate picture which I didn’t know how to put it together, until now(Actually, it was even worst, I didn’t even realize that it needs to be put together.)

Zoom, CNBC and Jigsaw Puzzles: How America's Shut-In Families Are Spending  Their Days - WSJ

Knowing what I know from these courses, books, and CDs is great to know, but I was getting extremely tired trying to remember them and using it.  For these things lives in the domain of “doing” and the conscious mind.  I have been living totally in the conscience mind and not utilizing the sub-conscience mind (ie. the ultimate power). 

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For my effortless transformation, now I understand and get the importance of habit, affirmation, and auto-suggestion principle.  To program my sub-conscience mind, I will execute the following daily simple actions.

  1. Read each Scroll 3 times a day for 30 day
  2. Do the 15 minute Sit
  3. Read my DMP 3 times Out Loud with GUSTO
  4. Read the Masterkey Lesson

Upon executing the above tasks for the past couple of days, I have noticed a shift.   My TV time watching has dramatically dropped.  I have walk 10,000 steps per day.  I am waking up with more energy.

My inner world is shifting I can FEEL it!

WOW!!!   Amazing!!   A Whole New World!!


  1. Ched – SCORE! You are blowing my mind AND you are KICKING this out the ball park. TV became an afterthought for me after two months, bravo for reaching that state in week two!!!

  2. Ched! I so enjoyed your post of Week 2, what a wonderful job in incorporating pictures and videos, very creative and I can see how you are already making changes and will be successful in your journey of the Master Keys. The very best to you! Keep digging!

  3. Wow! Great post, Ched! Hahaha- made me laugh too! Realy great observation about the mind and about “smarts.” … To really move forward, to access our intuition, to really gain clarity, we need to get OUT of our heads. As a coach, I am always looking for signs that a client has gone purely into their head, and I look for opportunities to bring them back to their heart or intuition. That’s where the excitement is and that’s where the movement will come from. And the wisdom that comes from the sits!!! Wow! Nice work, Ched!

  4. Ched, I love how you tie everything together and at the same time share your experiences and breakthroughs. Congratulations! What did you do to CELEBRATE your success? Mark says that is very important.

  5. Ched what a great blog this week! I love your transparency.

  6. Ched that was a totally awesome self discovery. I love your openness. Your subconscious is smart too.

  7. johnjfrancetic

    Ched, good for you that your inner world is shifting. You are making that happen. From your blog rover friend.

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